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Innovative Culvert Asset Management and Relining


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (SMHI) is responsible for approximately 65,000 culverts that provide critical drainage and water control for the provincial highway network. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these culverts are well past their design life. The majority of existing culverts in the province are corrugated steel pipe (CSP). Under normal field state conditions, CSP culverts have a design life of approximately 30 years. This paper summarizes a pro-active culvert asset management approach as well as a preventative failure lining system that significantly improves the cost effectiveness of culvert remediation and/or replacement. This paper provides a summary of innovative culvert rehabilitations conducted in Saskatchewan that used Snap-Tite® High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) culvert liners. Multiple advantages were realized by using an HDPE liner to rehabilitate aging culverts: construction was performed in the winter and was efficient and easy; Snap-Tite® culvert liners were easy to manoeuvre and assemble; no expensive or specialized equipment was needed to install the culvert liners onsite; and grout can be used to fill voids in the granular backfill material around the CSP culvert. In addition, Snap-Tite® culvert liners are applicable to all types of existing culvert materials including corrugated steel pipes and concrete pipes and the structural integrity of the culvert in increase and flow rate capacity is increased.

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Managing the Risk of Aging Infrastructure in the Face of Climate Change and Reduced Operating Budgets
Brian Taylor
Curtis Berthelot
Brent Marjerison
Ron Gerbrandt
Rock Gorlick
Construction, Maintenance and operations