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Infrastructure Risk Assessment of Coastal Roads in Nova Scotia


This paper considers applying sound planning and engineering to reduce risk and lower maintenance costs along roadways affected by coastal erosion in Nova Scotia. This study reviews existing hazards and adaptive measures that have been applied at three coastal road sites. Conceptual engineering designs are provided for the installation of improved coastal protection structures. The implications of hardening shorelines are reviewed. Alternative engineered and non‐ engineered solutions are addressed. Three sites on Nova Scotiaʹs South Shore that have installed beach and roadway protection measures were selected for the study. The existing protection measures range from simple armouring, with ad hoc piling of mixed stone sizes, to placement of modular concrete retaining blocks. Field studies of the three beaches included profile surveys on each beach, measurement of armour stone size, and review of stone and block placement. The paper discusses sound planning and engineering applied to sustainable solutions that can reduce the long term costs of coastal infrastructure and highways. The designs address short‐term needs such as maintaining egress and beach access along with long‐term issues such as sea level rise and coastal subsidence.

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Andrew McGillis
Ian MacCallum
Climate change