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Improving Transportation Safety: Calgary Safer Mobility Plan 2013-2017 Case Study


On average, 94 collisions occur in Calgary each day. The City of Calgary Transportation Department is committed to continuously improving road safety for all transportation network users, and has developed a comprehensive transportation safety management system in support of municipal plans, Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan, Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2015, and in line with the Global Decade of Action as put forward by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The Calgary Safer Mobility Plan (SMP) is intended to act as the first step towards a formal, Calgary-specific and evidence driven transportation safety management process. The SMP incorporates safety activities currently in place, builds upon them, and introduces new initiatives based on a number of guiding principles, including the following:  Multi-modal Safer Systems approach  Multi-disciplinary partnerships  Evidence-based and data-driven focus on best practices  Promoting the 5 Es (engineering, enforcement, education, evaluation and engagement). The SMP introduces strategies and programs to achieve proposed targets. Progress in achieving those targets will be tracked annually in a Safer Mobility Annual Report Card and Action Plan. The final evaluation will identify the most effective actions, helping to direct limited resources towards strategies and programs that are most successful in reducing fatalities and injuries. The SMP aims to achieve an overall reduction of 10% in fatality and injury collisions within five years, ultimately striving towards zero casualties on Calgary’s transportation network. The targets are achievable with the help of an accountable, evidence-based, and innovative transportation safety management process.

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Alfred A Guebert
Joanna Domarad
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