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Improving the Efficacy of Learning Bridge Inspection & Maintenance


It’s well known that using a variety of instructional methods increases participants’ retention of the content and their enjoyment of the course. Videos are a good way to appeal to visual and auditory learners, with the added appeal that the content is always consistently delivered as intended.
After 25 years of using the same Bridge Inspection & Maintenance instructional video in OGRA’s Bridge & Culvert Management Course, the video was dated. To create a top-quality, technically accurate product, OGRA recruited assistance from industry subject matter experts who teach for OGRA and are leaders at their organizations – 407 ETR, GHD, and the Town of Innisfil.
Thanks to these experts, the content was reviewed to ensure technical accuracy and consistency with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual. Of equal importance to our students, the minutiae of the content were reviewed and debated at length to ensure the information is practical and can realistically be employed when they return to their organization. More importantly, the shots were all updated to demonstrate the best safety practices to reinforce the important role safety plays in all our activities.
In planning the video, we included relevant technology that should be used, such as mobile devices. Thanks to our subject matter experts and their generous employers, we were able to include current practices and equipment such as a Bridgemaster truck.
To appeal to visual learners, we used a high-resolution camera. To get unique shots at interesting angles, a drone was employed. The animations have been updated to make them realistic and better show key concepts. For auditory learners, we used technology which provided crisp sound without distracting background noise.
In reviewing the old video, it was quickly noted the people shown in the video do not represent today’s diverse workforce. To rectify this, both a female and male host were used to present information and for voice-overs. When filming bridge inspection or maintenance, we ensured a variety of people were used, who are all currently involved in the infrastructure industry.

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