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High Value Bridges for Low Volume Road


Faced with responsibility for a significant number of aging bridges on low volume roads in a challenging economic climate, the Northern Region of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BCMoTI) is experimenting with alternative methods to procure high value bridges. Realizing that its traditional delivery method for highway bridges was not well suited to small crossings in remote locations, the Ministry adapted the procurement procedures widely used for bridges on industrial roads. In addition to adopting a modified version of design standards that have been in place with the British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range, they have also experimented with alternative procurement methods to facilitate the economical delivery of Low Volume Road Bridges. The alternative design and procurement methods attempt to maximize the opportunities available to the BCMOTI by using proven alternative design standards, readily available prefabricated components, drawing upon a well-established competitive precast concrete and steel fabrication industry and creating opportunities for smaller lower costs bridge contractors who may not typically bid BCMoTI projects. Because of these changes, the BCMoTI has economically delivered a large number of replacement crossing in an environment of shrinking budgets. The paper describes some of the changes and provides examples of some of the recently completed successful projects.

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Julien Henley