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Geometric Design Guide in Canada – The First 100 Years


This paper will be a historical treatise on the evolution of highway design standards in Canada.
The author will examine the various documents from the first letters associated with geometric
design in the 1920’s to the most recent versions of the TAC Geometric Design Guide.
The elements of design and their evolution will be examined to understand the changes in the
technical content of the guide and to put the upcoming revision to the design guide into
historical context. Where possible, an evaluation of changes in design approach and philosophy
of design will be discussed.
Examples of design from various eras will be used to illustrate the changes in design across the
decades. By understanding the process and evolution from past to present, the author will
summarize the historical basis of geometric design in Canada.

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Session title:
Geometric Design - Learning from the Past
K. Boddy
Geometric design