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Evaluation of Recycled Pavement Test Sections with Alternative Surfacing Systems at the University of Saskatchewan


The University of Saskatchewan has a desire to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure. PSI Technologies was commissioned to reconstruct North Road at the University of Saskatchewan to provide an environmentally sustainable road structure that was structurally sound for frequent and heavy bus traffic. In 2009, three test sections were constructed of equal surface areas and pavement structures on North Road. All sections were constructed on the same substructure of drainage sand layer comprised of weeping tile and recycled PCC drainage layer to manage drainage and mitigate frost action. All sections were constructed with an in situ recycled and stabilized base layer. Three alternative surfacing systems were constructed: Section 1 was constructed with a surfacing structure of interlocking concrete paving stones with a sand bedding layer; Section 2 was constructed with 50 mm hot mix asphalt concrete (HMAC) over 40 mm engineered cementemulsion cold mix; and Section 3 was constructed with 80 mm HMAC. The full depth reconstruction of North Road reclaimed and reused in situ material as well as used recycled Portland cement concrete (PCC) rubble from the University of Saskatchewan demolished Health Sciences Building. The post construction structural assessment showed all test sections had relatively equal structural performance, with significant increased load carrying capacity in comparison to pre construction structural measurements. The cost of each test section showed significant savings through the use of recycled road materials in comparison to conventional structures.  

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Curtis Berthelot
Brian Taylor
Rielle Haichert
Diana Podborochynski
Daryl Cherry
Mike Malone