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Evaluation of a Skid Resistant Material at High Incident Intersection Locations


High incident intersections have become an area of great focus for motorist’s and pedestrian safety improvements within many municipalities. One of the problematic areas in high incident intersections is the subject of stopping effectively. In order to try and enhance stopping characteristics several test locations have been constructed using a methyl methacrylate / bauxite skid resistant material developed and applied by Lafrentz Road Marking at high incident intersections in Calgary and St. Albert, Alberta. These test sections were constructed in order to evaluate the product’s effectiveness at improving pavement friction and reducing friction related incidents at the selected intersections. The paper provides an overview of the four locations the skid resistant material was placed and their respective performance and wear characteristics over one winter in Calgary and after two years in the case of The City of St. Albert. The paper discusses the correlation between the various types of friction testing that was undertaken. The paper further explores how the material has changed the frictional values of the treated areas and what this means to the motorist. Finally, the paper provides a review of the placement operation as well as the performance and incident statistics for each of the locations where the skid resistant material was placed. 

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Mohammad Karim
Joe Chyc-Cies
Brian Hartman
Dean Schick
Chris Dechkoff
Road safety