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Diagnosis of Safety Problems Using Safety Analyst for Efficient and Effective Safety Management


The Safety Analyst software was released by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2009. The software enables road agencies to automate their safety management programs. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is undertaking a project to implement Safety Analyst. In this project, all four modules of Safety Analyst are being configured for the Province of Ontario. Diagnosis and Countermeasure Selection Module enables the Ministry to conduct in-service road safety reviews (ISRSR) more efficiently by providing tools to identify collision patterns at a site and guiding traffic analysts during site visits. Identification of collision patterns is an important step to diagnose potential safety problems at a site. The definition of collision pattern is often a challenging concept because it is a function of a number of factors such as the site type, the traffic exposure, and the overall collision experience in the jurisdiction. For collision pattern identification, Safety Analyst provides capabilities to develop collision diagrams, generate collision summaries, and conduct statistical tests (test of proportion and test of frequency). This paper discusses and recommends a methodical approach to objectively identify collision patterns utilizing the Safety Analyst capabilities. Additionally, Safety Analyst is equipped with an “expert” system which guides the analyst towards appropriate office and field investigations. The expert system includes diagnostic scenarios for intersections and road segments. This paper provides a process through which additional diagnostic scenarios were developed for freeway and ramp sections for the Province of Ontario. The process includes identification of major collision patterns based on analysis of historical collisions (for all sites in the Province), engineering parameters as well as human factors principles.

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Sheetal Thukral
Pedram Izadpanah
Michael Pardo
Boyka Pachova
Susan Nichol
Alireza Hadayeghi
Road safety