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Design & Implementation of Channelized Right Turn Improvements in the City of Edmonton


The City of Edmonton has committed to the long term goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious
injuries. Moving towards that goal, the City of Edmonton has allocated funding for a multi-year
traffic safety improvement program. One of the applications of the program is to apply
engineering improvements to existing right turn geometries to increase visibility and reduce
rear-end collisions. These enhancements have had positive, proven results for roadway users.
This paper discusses the planning, geometric design, and construction of various right-turn
improvements in the City of Edmonton over the past 5 years, and examines the results of each
The City of Edmonton identified intersections with high right-turn collision frequencies and
reviewed potential changes to reduce collisions. Three core design options have been adopted
in the City’s design standards: simple radius, high-entry angle, and low-exit angle/free flow. A
detailed review of the locations and intersections was conducted, including overall collision and
operational data. Projected intersection traffic data was reviewed to ensure acceptable level of
service for the right turn movement after the improvement is implemented. Project constraints
include existing land/road use, utilities, existing intersection geometrics, traffic/truck volumes,
right-of-way, traffic control devices (signals), sight-lines, and constructability. Balance with other
roadway users (pedestrians) and driver expectation and familiarity was also considered. An
evaluation matrix was used to weigh the constraints and then engineering judgement was
applied to determine the most applicable improvement for each location.
The intent of this paper is to present several case-studies and explain the lessons learned
through all phases of design and implementation of various right-turn improvements in the City
of Edmonton. Project successes and challenges will be discussed. The City of Edmonton’s
future strategies for right-turn improvements, including data collection and monitoring, will be

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Geometric Design – Lessons Learned
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