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Delivering the Active Transportation Infrastructure Stimulus Program (ATISP) in Winnipeg


The Active Transportation Infrastructure Stimulus Program (ATISP) is a $20 million program that includes the design and construction of approximately 35 individual bike routes, adding 100 km of new active transportation routes in the City of Winnipeg. The program is funded in part by the Federal Government’s infrastructure stimulus program. This program was a challenging undertaking that has a completion date of March 31, 2011. The ATISP was managed by the City of Winnipeg’s Public Works Department, Engineering Division, using a project delivery model, which is the subject of this paper. One of the important responsibilities within the service delivery model was that of the Coordinating Consultant. The Coordinating Consultant provided assistance to the City of Winnipeg’s project coordinator to ensure that all of the 35 bike routes were completed by the fall of 2010. This paper explains the process involved in coordinating seven engineering service providers (ESPs), managing the information gathering and distribution, developing design guidelines for the ESPs and managing the involvement of a varied stakeholder community. Projects were grouped by level of complexity in design, approvals required and public consultation involvement to assist in the overall program scheduling. Each route had unique challenges relating to design details, public involvement, approval processes and political engagement, especially during an election year in Winnipeg. With such a short time frame to deliver the project, the Coordinating Consultant developed many innovative methods to identify the level of effort required to facilitate consultation, approvals and design effort.

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Bill Woroby
Kevin Nixon
Ruth Marr
Robert Kurylko
Transportation planning