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Cross Asset Management – the Alaska Highway Corridor


In 2013 Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) retained a consultant to develop a comprehensive cross asset management plan (AMP) to inform the development of 50 years of capital projects and the long term management of the 800 km portion of the Alaska Highway through British Columbia.
This paper highlights the key features of the methodology used namely:

Development of a strategic AMP concentrating on improving safety, preserving existing assets, upgrading the highway and bridges/culverts where necessary;
Identification of major asset works for 50 years using life cycle cost analysis;
Development of engineering economics to include as benefits the reduction of: accident costs, user delay costs, user detour costs, user vehicle operating costs, environmental costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions at current carbon trading rates and cost of risk for bridges/culverts;
Development of risk assessment and mitigation measures;
Perform life-cycle cost analysis comparing multiple pavement preservation, geometric upgrades and bridge/culvert works; and
Development of a risk based Bridge Management System.

The key innovation in this project was that it monetized risk, reliability and user costs allowing a true financial cross asset optimization solving a problem faced by agencies around the world. The intent of this paper is to highlight these innovations and provide a framework for other agencies that may wish to implement them.

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Cross Asset Analysis and Optimization - Solutions for Informed Decision Making
St. Michel, G.R.
Reggin, A.
Asset management