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Climate Change Implications for Pervious Concrete Pavement


Future changes in precipitation and extreme flood events represent risks for urban infrastructures in Canada. Pervious concrete pavements (PCP) are normally designed to reduce the runoff water and avoid urban flooding as a stormwater management solution. As a result, it is important to adapt PCP design to changing climate by considering site-specific projected storm intensities and durations. In this study, data from simulated Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) curves were incorporated in PerviousPave software to evaluate the PCP’s hydrological and structural performance. Projections of future changes in storm intensity and their influence on PCP performance highlighted the need for remedial measures and adaptation policies.

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Session title:
Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering and Technologies (PS)
Shafiee, Mohammad
Maadani, Omran
Murphy, Ethan