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Circle Drive Widening


Circle Drive from College Drive to Millar Avenue, including the Circle Drive Bridge was opened to traffic in 1983. Since the opening, the City of Saskatoon has experienced considerable growth especially with residential development in the northeast combined with employment growth in the northwest areas. This development has caused increased traffic demands on the existing northern section of Circle Drive including the Circle Drive Bridge. In order to accommodate this growth, the City implemented a considerable number of improvements along the Circle Drive network that include interchanges at: • Circle Drive at College Drive; • Circle Drive at 22nd Street; • Circle Drive at Attridge Drive; and • Circle Drive at 8th Street. These capacity improvements have improved traffic flow, however, with each improvement; shortcomings of the remaining network became more apparent. The objectives of this project were to provide an additional lane of traffic in each direction from Millar Avenue to Attridge Drive which would complete the capacity improvements available on the Circle Drive network in this area. Challenges presented to the City in attaining this goal included: • Widening a major river crossing (Circle Drive Bridge); and • Completing the project while minimizing the impact construction would have on the traveling public. The Circle Drive Bridge is one of 5 major river crossings in the City of Saskatoon. The structure configuration consists of twin 5 span steel girder structures with a total span length of 275 metres supporting 2 lanes of traffic plus a sidewalk in each direction, Figures 1.2 and 1.3. In 1983, future capacity improvements had been expected and had been included in the original design by providing additional pier and abutment elements plus connection points between the two structures to permit in-filling of the space as shown in Figure 1.4.

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