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Canadian Transportation Demand Management Impact Measurement Guidelines


Transportation demand management (TDM) has become an increasingly common component of transportation master plans, neighbourhood plans, and transportation studies for development approvals. It is an important tool in managing the effects of travel and a variety of TDM initiatives have been implemented by Canadian municipalities and organizations. However, to date, the evidence of the impacts and effectiveness of TDM initiatives has been poorly quantified. This means that cost-benefit analysis, program assessment and an understanding of who is using TDM and why all have been difficult to measure. The need for impact quantification is important because, as this field expands, approval and funding bodies will increasingly require that the impacts of TDM investment be measured. The Transport Canada project Development of Standard TDM Impact Measurement Guidelines combined international best practices with an understanding of the needs of Canadian TDM practitioners. The project developed an evaluation system that provides a flexible framework in which to measure all types of TDM initiatives against their intended goals. The system provides guidance in measuring changes in attitudinal and awareness levels, as well as more concrete changes in travel patterns, congestion, emissions, and costs. The evaluation system recommends indicators and measurements for the various assessment levels and is supported by guidelines for data collection and calculations. The Canadian TDM Impact Measurement Guidelines provide a standardized process for TDM impact measurement and guidance for TDM practitioners, municipalities, and funding bodies. This paper provides a brief overview of the Guideline, including the evaluation process, assessment levels, indicators, data collection techniques, and evaluation procedures. 

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Allison Clavelle
David Kriger
Geoff Noxon
Transportation planning