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Calgary’s Traveller Information System


The Advanced Traveller Information System (ATIS) is a web-based technology which provides the public critical information on incidents, detours, road closures general road conditions and travel times. ATIS helps motorists make informed decisions to improve their commute, reduce the environmental impact of driving and lessen driver frustration. As the primary source for traffic information in Calgary, ATIS makes it possible to communicate real-time information about Calgary’s roadways through a variety of methods, including website updates, Smartphone access, subscription services, Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and Traffic Advisory Radio updates. Additionally, static images from Calgary traffic cameras are fed to the ATIS website for viewing by the public using standard web browsers. News media can access this information to distribute it to the public via radio and television. Future access to traffic information is anticipated through Smartphone applications, additional websites and Global Positioning System (GPS) system providers by way of an open data feed. The City of Calgary’s Roads Traffic Engineering division and corporate website development team, Webwave, worked together to implement a new traveller information system in preparation for the launch of a new website. Starting work in early 2011, the intent of this project was to replace the existing Condition Acquisition and Reporting System (CARS) system with a modern ATIS system. Completed in November 2012, the ATIS proprietary software was created completely in-house by City of Calgary resources. In addition, a Bluetooth Travel Time Display system was developed to display actual travel times via DMS, and eventually, on the ATIS website. 

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Michael Gray
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