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Cable Impregnation for Post-Tension Grouting Problems


Thousands of bridge structures utilize grouted high-strength, post-tension strands. Problems with grouting techniques and grout materials has resulted in bridges with deficient grout including voids, segregated grout, chloride contaminated grout and soft grout. These problems have promoted corrosion and failure of post-tension tendons, some within 6 to 17 years of service. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has spent more than $55 million (USD) repairing 11 post-tension bridges to date.
A cost-effective corrosion mitigation technique has been developed to minimize the corrosion of post-tension bridges which have grouting issues.
This paper describes the development and implementation of this technique including application to grouted tendons of the Ringling Bridge (Sarasota, FL) and the I-95 / I-295 Interchange in Jacksonville, FL

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Whitmore, D.
Lasa, I.