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Building Rapid Transit in Mississauga


Mississauga was incorporated as a City in 1974 and since that time has evolved into Canada’s
sixth largest City. It is home to 741,000 residents and more than 54,000 businesses, including
more than 60 Fortune 500 companies with Canadian head offices or major divisional head
offices. Mississauga is a relatively new City and has experienced some rather unique growth
that has helped shape the way things are today. During earlier growth, the car was the primary
form of transportation. In more recent years, the City has embraced the ideals of urban form
and has ambitions to transform strategic areas into destinations by taking an approach that
combines multi-modal planning and place making. This is a dramatic about face from a more
traditional suburban development tendency. From a transportation perspective, the City is
transitioning from a practice of moving traffic to one of moving people and goods. It is this
paradigm shift that supports the shift to a more multi-modal and sustainable transportation
system. This paper will give a high level overview of the Hurontario-Main LRT (HMLRT) and
Mississauga Transitway (Transitway) projects and will focus on some of the major geometric
challenges faced by designers.

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Geometric Design - Present Challenges
Harvey, A.
Geometric design