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Bringing Pavement Management Back to PEI


Prince Edward Island (PEI) was Stantec’s first implementation of its pavement management software, Highway Pavement Management Application (HPMA), in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, like many other transportation agencies, the system wasn’t regularly updated or maintained over time and became obsolete.
As part of the PEI Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) Strategic Plan 2012-2015, the department vowed to focus on economic growth through infrastructure improvements. PEI TIR also committed to implement proven and innovative technologies to improve on pavement preservation methods, and determine the best means to upgrade or replace aging infrastructure.
To this end, in 2014, PEI TIR made the decision to re-invest in their pavement management system and upgrade to the latest version of HPMA. PEI TIR had a database of their National Routes and Community Connector (NRCC) roads, which included roughness and distress data. This NRCC database formed the basis for the PEI TIR pavement management database.
The project included the development and customization of the pavement management database, data loading, model development, analysis, software installation, and training. This paper presents some of the successes and challenges of implementing a pavement management system in the province of PEI.

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Session title:
Advances in the Data Collection and Usage for Pavement Management Systems
Whiteley-Lagace, L.
Dalziel, A.
LaBrech, T.
Yeo, S.
Asset management, Pavements