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Bicycle Access to Downtown Montreal: Investing in a Better Future


The need to facilitate and encourage bicycle access to downtown Montréal has long been a concern expressed by the cycling community. The process that has been initiated by the municipality in cooperation with Vélo Québec responds to a specific need to improve safety for cyclists. First, an analysis of the situation was conducted, including a portrait of the cycling situation downtown as well as a review of the best practices in ten comparable cities. Following this initial step, Vélo Québec detailed various scenarios for facilitating bicycle access and mobility downtown. This work is consistent with Montréal’s Master Plan and the Transportation Plan, both of which aim to reduce dependence on cars by encouraging the increased use of mass transit, walking, and cycling. The proposals formulated by Vélo Québec are based on guiding principles that include the comfort and safety of cyclists as well as respect for the priority of pedestrians and transit. The proposals include bike lanes on major arteries, wide bus/bike reserved lanes, and contra-flow bike lanes on residential one-way streets. To address the shortage of bicycle parking, the plan proposes that racks be installed in numerous locations, including on sidewalks, on streets and at public and private buildings.

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