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Assessment of the Accuracy of Bridge Evaluation Methods Outlined by CHBDC


This paper presents a study investigating the accuracy of the two evaluation methods for the assessment of live load capacity factors of bridges as outlined in section 14 of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC). The accuracy of the two methods are evaluated, compared, and their shortcomings and strengths are discussed in detail. The results show inconsistency between the general method of evaluation that utilizes load factors in comparison to the mean-load method that applies the statistical coefficients of load, resistance and the method of analysis. A series of numerical parametric studies were conducted to investigate the effect of dead to live load ratios on the accuracy of the results generated through using the code load and resistance factors. The results are further discussed through their application to a major long span case study bridge in the Province of New Brunswick.

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Transportation Structures (PS)
Salah Eddine, Mohamad
Arjomandi, Kaveh