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Application of Soil Reinforced Structures as Urban Transportation System solutions


This paper will outline different applications of Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls as infrastructure solutions for Urban Transportation Systems such as Light Rail Transit (LRT), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Subways.
The constant demographic growth in cities has led to serious traffic congestion and pollution issues; this has increasingly lowered the quality of life for citizens. Therefore, city authorities have been
implementing the above mentioned Urban Transportation Systems as efficient keys to create more
livable communities. Examples of this can be seen in many cities throughout Canada such as Ottawa, Mississauga, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary among others. 
Adaptability to site conditions, simple and fast construction processes, economy, aesthetic features,
excellent performance under seismic and hydraulic situations and durability are some of the advantages  that MSE structures offer when implemented as a key part of the Urban Transportation System solutions.
Selection of the proper material and components for this type of retaining structure, including some
Canadian examples, are also discussed further in this paper along other challenges in the design and construction.
The main conclusion of this work is the fact that reinforced soil structures with the proper design can be utilized as an excellent and efficient solution for this type of application.

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Vivas, C.
Calatrava, D.