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Alberta Traffic Safety Plan and Community Mobilization Strategy


The Alberta government is committed to reducing the number of collisions and resulting fatalities and injuries on Alberta roads through the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan: Saving Lives on Alberta’s Roads – the only Provincial approach to traffic safety in Canada. For the second consecutive year, traffic fatalities and injuries have declined in Alberta. In spite of increases in population, drivers and vehicles, traffic fatalities decreased 14 per cent from 2008 to 2009, and traffic injuries also dropped 13 per cent. Although this is encouraging, much work remains as in Alberta in 2009 more than 157,000 traffic collisions occurred in Alberta resulting in 351 fatalities and more than 19,000 serious injuries. Under the leadership of Alberta Transportation’s Office of Traffic Safety, the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan is a comprehensive cross-ministry strategy designed to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries in the province. The Alberta Traffic Safety Plan was developed in consultation with provincial stakeholders, used research and best practice information from national and international sources, and supported national road safety strategies. The first traffic safety plan was released in 2006 and outlined key initiatives to help prevent motor vehicle collisions, build safer roads, establish and enforce traffic laws, and better educate Albertans about traffic safety. The next version Alberta Traffic Safety Plan, to be released in the fall of 2011 will identify a mix of interventions for improving road safety. During development of the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan it was recognized that in order to achieve desired goals it was critical to have coordinated, collaborative community based delivery of programs, initiatives and communications throughout the province. In response, the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan Community Mobilization Strategy was developed and implemented in 2008 as a unique approach to addressing traffic safety – based on international best practice. A first in Canada, the Community Mobilization Strategy is an initiative in traffic safety that provides a flexible, wide-reaching approach to communication and protocols to support accountability and continuous improvement in the provision of traffic safety services at the community level – in alignment with the objectives of the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan. This paper describes the development, implementation, results to date, and next steps relating to the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan and the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan Community Mobilization Strategyi .

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