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Adopting Network Level Preventative Maintenance in Saskatchewan


This paper discusses the Saskatchewan experience of implementing large scale change in direction for maintenance management on our high‐speed, high‐volume pavement network. In 2011, the Ministry recognized that the overwhelming majority of the high‐speed, high‐volume network in the province was now in good condition. Adopting a preventative maintenance approach for this network would have significant benefit by keeping these good roads good as long as possible.
However, the Ministry would need to evolve the existing maintenance management system to
include development and implementation of network level preventative maintenance strategies.
This paper discusses the process of putting the tools in place to enable the Saskatchewan Ministry
of Highways to deliver preventative maintenance strategies across a network. These include:
Creating a process to identify and collect the pavement defect and condition information

that trigger preventative maintenance 
Creating network level information of the amount, type and cost of needed preventative
maintenance work
Adapting the current maintenance budgeting process to include options for preventative
maintenance strategies
Creating processes for tracking and reporting the needed, planned, and delivered
preventative maintenance work
Implementing a process for finding and adapting best practice for preventative
maintenance work activities
Implementing pilots to try out new preventative maintenance work activities including:
High Quality Hand Patch
High Quality Mill Fill Spot Repair
High Quality Deep Patch
Joint Sealant
Restorative Fog Seals
Preventative Fog Seals
High Quality Centerline Crack Repairs

Creating a process to introduce, deliver, review and improve new preventative maintenance work activities across an entire network involving many maintenance crews

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Session title:
Road Construction Innovation
Andre, N.
Gerke, R.
Construction, Maintenance and operations