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Active Transportation in Schools: Bicycle Parking Pilot Project


The Region of Peel approved its first Active Transportation Plan in 2012, outlining a
strategy to improve active transportation infrastructure, and initiate targeted
programming to encourage walking and cycling. The benefits of achieving a higher
share of active transportation trips are well established. In addition to the reduction of
vehicle emissions, the increase in physical activity can improve community health by
reducing rates of chronic diseases.
The Region of Peel’s Public Health 10-Year Strategic Plan also sets out a plan to
implement its service delivery and initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent
disease. Program priorities include healthy eating and establishing environments that
support physical activity.
Aligning with the visions of the Active Transportation Plan and the Public Health 10-Year
Strategic Plan, the Bicycle Parking Pilot Project was developed to provide safe and
secure bicycle facilities at schools, contributing to the establishment of conditions that
support cycling to and for school. The provision of high quality bicycle parking facilities
is essential to underpin programs and measures to encourage youths to bike to school.

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2016 Sustainable Urban Transportation Award
Region of Peel
Active transportation, Mobility management