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A Comprehensive Business Case Framework for Evaluating Transit Projects


Metrolinx is developing an evidence-based evaluation framework for business cases to inform investment decisions for transit projects. The Business Case Framework ensures that effective evaluation of options is conducted as a project advances through planning, design, delivery, and operation. The business case supports a systematic process of identifying, quantifying, and comparing expected benefits and costs of a project in a consistent and clear manner over its lifecycle. The work combines strategic and financial perspectives with the rigour of economic cost benefit analysis, while also incorporating operational issues and challenges.
The Metrolinx Business Case Framework considers several important questions:
 What is the project about? Why is it being considered? How will it be realized?
 Is the project supported by a robust case for change that fits with business objectives and wider public policy objectives?
 Does the project show sufficient value for money in terms of economic, environmental and social benefits to proceed?
 Is the project financially affordable and what are the financial implications? What sources of funding will be used?
 Is the project achievable, and what are the engineering, technology, and operational issues and challenges?
 What are the deliverability and operational implications?
Metrolinx’s Business Case Framework helps ensure that public projects provide good value for money, respond to the strategic goals set by elected governments, are well justified by evidence and analysis, and are capable of being delivered effectively.

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Best Practices in Urban Transportation Planning
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