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A Comparison of Five Green Trucking Programs across Canada


The trucking industry is a leading consumer of fuel and producer of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, inspiring federal and provincial governments to enact legislation and promote new green technologies. This paper evaluates and compares five provincial “green trucking” programs; from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Ontario. These programs were funded by the provincial governments and administered by various industry groups and non-profit agencies. Green trucking programs emanated from the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s enviroTruck program, focusing on GHG emissions, fuel consumption and working conditions in heavy-duty trucking across Canada. Each program was launched independently and had unique scope and mandate. This comparison looks at the following factors: stakeholders (e.g. funders, administrators and beneficiaries); number of tractors and trailers submitted for consideration by the trucking industry; number of approved tractors and trailers by the programs; investment in green trucking technologies; and fuel conservation and emission reduction estimates. The paper presents key results from each program. It also offers public policy recommendations to facilitate improved trucking practices, in view of current anti-idling and clean air legislation. Finally, there are recommendations for trucking firms and private fleets regarding sustainable transportation best practices.

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Jairo Viafara
Paul D. Larson
Transportation planning