The 2021 Technical Program included 50+ live web-conferenced presentation sessions, panel discussions and workshops across 19 tracks, showcasing the work of 200+ presenters. They  provided information on best practices, successes and challenges experienced, interesting research or methods of analysis, a forum to discuss emerging transportation issues, and more.

Sessions were recorded and are available for on-demand viewing until March 2022.

View the list of sessions, organized into tracks.

LS=Lightning Session | PD=Panel Discussion | PS=Presentation Session | WS=Workshop

Active Transportation (AT)

Organized by the Active Transportation Integrated Committee

  • Active Transportation during COVID-19: Was It Just a Blip? (PS)
  • Cycling Solutions: Overcoming Challenges and Barriers through Design (PS)
  • Equity Considerations in Planning for Active Transportation (PD)

Asset Management (AM)

Organized by the Asset Management Committee

  • Asset Management and Climate Change (PS)
  • Impacts of Technology on Asset Condition (PD)
  • Innovations and Advancements in Asset Management (PS)
  • New Data Sources in Asset Management and Future Mobility (PS)

Climate Change (CC)

Organized by the Climate Change Integrated Committee

  • Acting on Climate Change: Lightning Session (LS)
  • Climate Action Coast to Coast to Coast (PS)
  • Meeting Climate Change Challenges post COVID-19 (PD)

Connected & Automated Vehicles (CV)

Organized by the Connected & Automated Vehicles Task Force

  • CAV Applications for Maintenance and Freight (PS)
  • Connected Vehicle Technologies (PS)

Construction (CO)

Organized by the Public Utilities Management Committee

  • Innovations in Utility Risk Management (PS)

Environment (EN)

Organized by the Environment And Climate Change Council

  • Animal-Vehicle Collision Mitigation: Innovation and Strategies (PD)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control for Transportation Construction Projects (PS)
  • Going Remote: Emerging Practices on the Shift to Virtual Tools (PD)
  • Indigenous Involvement in Transportation Projects (PD)

Geometric Design (GD)

Organized by the Geometric Design Committee

  • All Highways Big and Small:  Interchanges, Major Facilities, and Two-Lane Highways (PS)
  • Designing for Climate Change, Micromobility, Complete Streets and Accessibility (PS)
  • Supporting Vision Zero through Geometric Design and What’s New in Roundabouts (PS)

Maintenance & Operations (MO)

Organized by the Maintenance & Operations Committee

  • Innovations in Summer Maintenance (PS)
  • Innovations in Winter Maintenance (PS)

Mobility Management (MM)

Organized by the Mobility Management Committee

  • Applications of Data in Mobility Management (PS)
  • Competing for Curbside Space: Curbside Management (PS)
  • Emerging Issues in Urban Transportation: Examining the Public Interest in Shared Mobility (PS)
  • Last-Mile Goods Movement in Canadian Communities: Trends and Best Practices (PS)

Pavements (PV)

Organized by the Pavements Committee

  • Innovations in Pavement Management, Engineering and Technologies (PS)
  • Material Input Considerations for ME Design (PD)

Road Safety (RS)

Organized by the Road Safety Committee

  • Emerging Trends in Road Safety (PS)
  • Equity in Road Safety (PD)
  • Incorporating Road Safety into Transportation Impact Analyses/Studies (WS)
  • Lessons in Road Safety from the COVID-19 Pandemic Response (PD)
  • Leveraging New Data Sources and Approaches for Road Safety (PS)
  • Lowering Vehicle Speeds to Improve Road Safety (PS)
  • Road Safety Impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) (PS)
  • Safety-forward Policies and Key Performance Indicators for Transportation Service Delivery (WS)


Organized by the Vision Zero and Safe System Subcommittee

  • Speed Limits and Speed Management (PD)
  • Vision Zero and Safe System in the Canadian Context (PS)
  • Vision Zero and Safe System Implementation in Canada (PD)

Small Municipalities (SM)

Organized by the Small Municipalities Integrated Committee

  • Vision Zero in Small Municipalities (PD)


Soils & Materials (SO)

Organized by the Soils & Materials Committee

  • Innovation in Roadway/Embankment Materials and Geotechnical Engineering (PS)
  • Practical Applications for Asphalt Mix Performance Testing (PD)
  • Testing and Modeling of Roadway/Embankment Materials and Geotechnical Engineering (PS)

Structures (ST)

Organized by the Structures Committee

  • Transportation Structures: Bridge General (PS)
  • Transportation Structures: Bridge Rehabilitation (PS)
  • Transportation Structures: Pedestrians on Bridges (PS)

Technology (TE)

Organized by the Technology Council

  • Big Data in Transportation (PS)
  • Connecting the Digital World to the Real World: Building Information Management (PD)
  • Connecting the Digital World to the Real World: Digital Twinning–Objects, Processes, Systems (PD)
  • Future Transportation and Mobility Systems—Cyber Resilience (PD) Organized by the Canadian National Committee, PIARC
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)—Solving Problems with Technology (PS)
  • Understanding and Using the ITS Architecture for Canada (WS)


Traffic Operations (TO)

Organized by the Traffic Operations & Management Committee

  • #InnovativeTrafficControl (PS)
  • Traffic Management for Public Life Recovery during COVID-19 (PS)

Transportation Finance (TF)

Organized by the Transportation Finance Committee

  • Follow the Money! Tools, Trends and Case Studies for Transportation Finance and Governance (PS)
  • Mobility Pricing in Post Covid-19 Pandemic Cities (PD)

Transportation Planning (TP)

Organized by the Transportation Planning Committee

  • Applications of Data in Transportation Planning (PS)
  • Goods Movement (PS)
  • Health and Transportation (PS)                     
  • Transportation Systems Modelling (PS)

Workforce Development (WD)

Organized by the Workforce Development Council

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (PD)
  • Organizational Approaches to Working Remotely (PD)
  • Pains and Gains—Professional Development in the Online Universe (PD)
  • Teaching Geometric Design in Post-Secondary Institutions (PD)


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