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TAC Volunteers Strengthen the Transportation Sector

April 14, 2023

During National Volunteer Week, April 16-22, 2023, we celebrate our volunteers – and the time, talent, and energy they share to strengthen our industry and Canadian communities.

TAC’s national network of volunteers helps shape Canada’s transportation systems, and their work is directly related to the success of the Association. It takes the time and expertise of many individuals to sustain the Association that exists today!

TAC is known for the technical excellence of its products and is responsible for technical guidance that is referenced in jurisdictions across the country. Volunteers are key to that work. Collectively, hundreds of individuals serve on our councils, committees, subcommittees, task forces, and Board of Directors, making a significant contribution to meeting transportation challenges across Canada.

We extend a huge thank you to our volunteers. Your support and involvement help us build a brighter future for Canadians!

TAC Councils and Committees

More than 800 volunteers participate on our councils and committees, contributing to the excellence of TAC’s work. Our councils and committees share knowledge, exchange information, and discuss a wide variety of issues to advance the state of transportation. This collective exchange helps develop and update TAC’s national guidelines and best practices. It also helps provide solutions to the challenges faced by the transportation industry.

Volunteering with TAC

Volunteering is both a benefit of membership and a way to give back to Canada’s transportation sector. Our Guide to TAC Councils and Committees offers important information for both current and prospective volunteers and answers many questions about getting and staying involved.

“I think the best thing about being a TAC volunteer has been the level of influence I have had in shaping Canada’s transportation system… volunteering produces a ripple effect resulting from the things we do, say, share, or explore. I think being part of TAC has placed me in a unique position to effect positive change in our field.”

Jeannette Montufar, TAC volunteer and Principal and Founding Partner of MORR Transportation Consulting Ltd.

TAC volunteers have diverse backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. They have the opportunity to meet, collaborate and share their experience with other professionals in the field, identify and discuss emerging issues, and take an active role in identifying solutions to common challenges.

Getting Involved with TAC

Want to get involved and help shape Canada’s transportation industry? TAC’s Spring Technical Meetings (April 3 to April 28) are open to employees of TAC member organizations and individual TAC members; young professionals and post-secondary students are welcome. The meetings are a great opportunity for potential volunteers to observe any council or committee meeting that interests them.

Our Guide to TAC Councils and Committees describes TAC’s volunteer structure, the role and operation of different groups, and how to get involved. Contact us for more information, or to ask about joining or observing a TAC council or committee.

“TAC members are remarkable. Whether we’re talking about member organizations or individuals who volunteer their time and ability to the Association’s work, their collective contributions make a real difference to improving transportation in Canada.”

Dr. Sarah Wells, Executive Director

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