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2023 Conference & Exhibition Wrap Up!

October 10, 2023

Thank you to everyone who made the 2023 TAC Conference & Exhibition a resounding success. Special thanks to our Local Hosts, Transport Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, for their partnership and collaboration.

Without the involvement and continued support of the many TAC volunteers who organized and moderated the sessions, the presenters, the interest of those who attended, the exhibiting companies, and TAC’s 2023 sponsors, the TAC Conference & Exhibition would not be possible.

With over 1,450 registered delegates, this year’s event saw the biggest turnout of participants to date. Beyond the number of delegates, more than 80 companies were involved in the Exhibition, the Conference offered a full program of 113 technical sessions, panels and workshops, and 11 technical tours across multiple tracks that were aligned with topics concerning TAC’s councils and committees.

“This is a premiere event in transportation in Canada and it’s encouraging to see all of you here. Such a strong turnout is a testament to our industry’s commitment to work together to share ideas, build knowledge and improve transportation systems in ways that will benefit our economy and our people.”
Sarah Thiele, TAC President  

The Opening Plenary Session at this year’s conference was nothing short of inspiring! We dove deep into the heart of our theme, “Lessons in Leadership,” with insights from the federal Deputy Minister of Transport, Arun Thangaraj.

But that’s not all – we took a moment to celebrate a true leader in our TAC community, recognizing Scott Stewart with the Distinguished Service Award, and shine a spotlight on the outstanding member projects that are shaping our future with the Technical Achievement Awards Video. And the insights kept flowing, with engaging discussions from leading organizations within our network and a thought-provoking keynote speech by Jennifer Keesmaat!

Delegates attending the Welcome Reception had the opportunity to meet and network with some of the top companies and leaders in the transportation sector at the opening of the 2023 Exhibition. Insightful conversations with visitors and lively exchanges with business partners or potential collaborators were had between delegates and the exhibitors.

The technical tours gave delegates a chance to see and learn about Ottawa’s evolving transportation infrastructure, while the technical presentations, panel discussions and workshops covered a broad range of expertise, projects, and innovations. The opportunity to hear about the successes and challenges of every project and experience highlighted in the presentations provided learning opportunities for all of us.

During the Conference, TAC honoured its difference-makers – members who have contributed their time and effort to help advance the work of the Association and to improve transportation in Canada. Congratulations to these deserving individuals; learn more about each award and the recipients.

The Night at the Museum event was a memorable experience that took place at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec, where guests had the opportunity to explore the stunning location. The museum showcased Canada’s rich history and the remarkable achievements of First Peoples, including the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles. The highlight was the Canadian History Hall, where attendees could delve into the events, personalities, and historical currents that have shaped Canada throughout its history.

The evening was made even more special with a captivating performance by Ottawa-born artist Amanda Rheaume. Her folk and soul music created a memorable and uplifting atmosphere.

Tuesday was Student Day at the TAC Conference, an opportunity to share knowledge, broaden experiences, and welcome new faces to TAC’s network! TAC recognized and awarded the TAC Student Paper Award winners during the Tuesday lunch. Congratulations to Uthpalee Hewage, first place winner, for her paper entitled, “Who Uses Shared Mobility Services?”.

New to the Conference, the Mini Career Fair was a resounding success. With exhibitors displaying special floor stickers, students were warmly welcomed to drop by and engage in discussions about potential future employment opportunities and even internships. The fair was well-circulated, and the students greatly appreciated this invaluable opportunity.

The Wednesday Lunch event took a fascinating journey into Ottawa’s eerie past with a “Haunted Talk.” Knowledgeable guides provided insights into Ottawa’s haunted history. And, to top it off, the hosts of the 2024 TAC Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for September 22-25 in Vancouver, tantalized attendees with an exclusive teaser for the upcoming year. Vancouver, renowned for its innovative transportation initiatives and breathtaking surroundings, promises an extraordinary experience for all.

“Leadership takes many forms, and TAC members are definitely leaders in the transportation sector, undertaking challenging and important projects, implementing innovations, sharing experiences and offering real-life lessons that can be applied elsewhere by others.”
Sarah Wells, TAC Executive Director

Those who registered for the Conference will have full access to the recorded Conference content in late October 2023! Those who didn’t attend in person can still purchase access to the session recordings, to watch at their leisure through March 2024. The recordings will be available in the TAC Store.

The TAC Conference & Exhibition has become one of the keystone transportation Conferences of the year. The transportation industry, and its members, are stronger when we share knowledge, ask tough questions, and grow together as professionals.

The 2024 TAC Conference & Exhibition will be held in Vancouver, September 22-25, themed “Technology and Transformation”. Stay tuned for details!