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Supplemental Guide for Guide and Information Signage in Canada (2003)

Supplemental Guide for Guide and Information Signage in Canada is a stand-alone document to be used as a companion to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). Specifically, it provides additional guidance to two MUTCDC sections: Division A4 (Guide and Information Signs) and Division A5 (Freeway Guide Signs).

The key objective of the Supplemental Guide is to provide additional information about the guide and information signage for non-freeway and freeway applications in both rural and urban environments. The Supplemental Guide contains summaries of extensive literature reviews of various provincial, federal, USA and international guide signage manuals, other related guides and manuals and various publications relating human factors to the guide signage. The literature review findings were complemented by a jurisdictional survey on guide signage practices within North America.

The MUTCDC has been revised based on the findings from this document. However, numerous sections of the Supplemental Guide were not included, in order that the MUTCDC provide clear, easy-to- follow and easy-to-locate information. The Supplemental Guide is a stand-alone, unique reference document that provides information and guidance on various topics that will not be published as revisions to the MUTCDC.


Topic:Traffic operations and management
Focus Area:Safety, Design and Operations
Publication code: PTM-INFOSIGNS-E
Pages: 128
Publication year: 2003
Media type: ebook, print
Publication type: National Guidelines
Publication date: November 15, 2003
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