About TAC

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a not-for-profit, membership-based association.

We offer our members a neutral forum in which they can exchange ideas and information on Canadian roadway- and urban transportation-related technical guidelines and best practices.

TAC doesn’t set standards, establish regulations or work to influence government policy.

The technical documents, best practices, and guidelines published by TAC are referenced in many jurisdictions across the country, and are sold / distributed via our Bookstore 

OUR Vision:

Transportation that makes Canada safe, healthy and prosperous

OUR Mission:

Working together to share ideas, build knowledge, promote best practices, foster leadership, and encourage bold transportation solutions

Our Vision expresses the future state that we want to achieve. Our Mission captures important components of HOW we accomplish our work, and describes WHY we exist.  

  • Working together recognizes the value placed on collaboration among TAC members and with other organizations in the transportation sector.
  • Sharing ideas is done through our councils and committees, the annual conference, and other meetings and events. 
  • Building knowledge is the objective of TAC’s projects which address research and practical needs in transportation.
  • Promoting best practices is achieved through networking and exposure to others across the country via TAC’s publications and learning program.
  • Fostering leadership is done by TAC’s work in education and human resources development, encouraging young people to join the profession and more young professionals to become involved in TAC.
  • Encouraging bold transportation solutions underscores the need to think in new and different ways to address important issues, including using new technologies in creative ways. 

Engaging our members

TAC is governed by a Board of Directors  elected from all levels of government, the private sector, associations and academia. The Board sets the strategic direction for our organization and oversees TAC’s volunteer councils and committees.

TAC 2016/2017 Board of Directors

Our councils and committees share knowledge, exchange information and discuss a wide variety of issues to advance the state of transportation. This collective exchange helps develop and update TAC’s national guidelines and best practices. It also helps provide researched solutions to address the current and future challenges faced by the transportation industry.

Participation in our councils and committees is available to TAC members. Consider becoming a TAC member to benefit from information, preferred pricing on a variety of products and services, and more.

The TAC Secretariat provides staff support for the Association's activities.  


The origins of TAC date back to 1914, when the Canadian Good Roads Association (CGRA) was founded. At that time, CGRA was mainly concerned with the establishment of a superior national road network and was one of the main forces behind construction of the Trans-Canada Highway.

1950-51 Newly elected Executive Committee of the Canadian Good Roads Association; TAC

During the 1950s, CGRA became more involved with specialized technical activities. By the 1960s, its role had broadened, resulting in a name change to the Roads and Transportation Association of Canada (RTAC) in 1970.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, RTAC continued to expand its mandate to include all modes of transport for passengers and freight. In 1990, we changed our name to the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) to reflect the increased scope of activities.

In 2001, a more focused mandate was adopted, with a particular emphasis on roadway infrastructure and urban area transportation issues.

In 2014, we celebrated our centennial anniversary. In reaching this milestone, we celebrated the past, present and future of transportation in Canada by inviting our members, partners, key transportation stakeholders, and students to take part in this year-long campaign.

TAC Centennial Video / Vidéo centenaire de l'ATC from TAC-ATC on Vimeo.

Learn more about TAC’s history, present and future by watching this special TAC Centennial video, which features insights from some of the Association's leaders.