2016 Bilingual Edition of Sign Pattern Manual

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) has released the 2016 bilingual edition of the Sign Pattern Manual (2016) in the TAC Bookstore.  

This project was undertaken by a group of volunteers under auspices of the Editing and Publications Subcommittee of TAC’s Traffic and Operations Management Standing Committee.

The Sign Pattern Manual complements the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC) by encouraging traffic control uniformity across Canada and compatibility throughout North America. Its purpose is to provide users and manufacturers with accurate patterns when producing traffic control signs.

The new collection of sign patterns uses the same sign classification system as the MUTCDC. The Sign Pattern Manual is available in the Bookstore either in separate Parts, or as a Package.  

PTM-SPMALL-B PACKAGE: Sign Pattern Manual,
Parts 1-4 
$275 member
$350 regular
PTM-SPM1REG-B PART 1 - Regulatory Signs 
(214 signs)
$75 member
$99 regular
PTM-SPM2WARN PART 2 - Warning Signs 
(199 signs)
$75 member
$99 regular
PTM-SPM3INFO-B PART 3 - Guide and Information Signs 
(136 signs)
$75 member
$99 regular
PTM-SPM4TEMP-B PART 4 - Temporary Conditions Signs and Devices 
(119 signs)
$75 member
$99 regular

Each Part of the Sign Pattern Manual includes:

  • Electronic image files. Each sign is provided in three electronic file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF files. 
  • user guide including information on proper scaling and sign design, as well as a specification sheet for each included sign.

All components are provided in both English and French.

The font used in the patterns, FHWA Series 2000 Standard Edition or FHWA 2000EX Expanded Edition (includes accents and other special characters), series B, C, D, E, E(m), and F, is not provided with the Sign Pattern Manual and must be purchased separately from a supplier. The text in the provided sign patterns has been converted to outlines, therefore the font is only required in order to customize text or numerals on a standard sign.

These items are delivered via e-Vault download. After checkout, customers will receive an order confirmation email which includes a License Code and link. Files are downloaded onto the customer’s computer in a zipped folder. No refunds are provided after a download has been performed.