Eight Supplementary Tabs for Electric Vehicle Charging Sign

Friday, April 28, 2017

Eight tab signs, informing drivers of charging levels offered at electric vehicle charging stations, will be added to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC).

The addition was made possible through a volunteer project recommended by the Traffic Operations and Management Standing Committee

The proposed tab signs will be used in combination with the Electric Vehicle Charging Station sign (IC-30) developed in July 2014.

This approach will help ensure currency as electric vehicle (EV) technology continues to evolve and charging stations are improved. Tabs were designed according to the voltage that a charging station offers. The higher the voltage, the quicker the “fill-up”.

Economies of scale will be realized by using tabs to provide accurate supplemental information to drivers, rather than changing the message on the main sign. This happens when:

  • services available at each charging point vary from one facility to another;
  • services vary as facilities expand, upgrade or new technology is deployed; and
  • EV technology requires frequent updates of signage.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Sign and tabs will be included in Division 4 of the MUTCDC, which features guide and information signs. The Editing and Publication Subcommittee will prepare required updates.