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IBI Group, International Road Dynamics Inc. et Titan Environmental Containment

Les démonstrations de l’entreprise de l’ATC offrent à nos membres l’occasion de participer à des rencontres avec des entreprises de pointe et de découvrir leurs produits et/ou services innovants.

Ce webinaire est offert en anglais.

23 juin 2021

IBI Group

Proactive management of curbside space is one of the best things cities can do to improve urban mobility across all modes of transportation. But today this can be a tedious and time-consuming analog process that includes site visits, checking signage inventories, and referring to by-laws line-by-line.

CurbIQ, a product of IBI Group, is a suite of tools to help cities digitize, understand, manage, and communicate information about their curbsides. With digital curb layers and CurbIQ tools, it is easier than ever to get insights into how space along the curb is designated, compare existing rules with utilization, and make changes to the underlying regulations to better align with your priorities.

This presentation will summarize some of the benefits of proactive curbside management, demonstrate a few CurbIQ tools, and tell you everything you need to get started modernizing curbside management in your city.

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International Road Dynamics Inc.

The Tire Anomaly Classification System (TACS) detects and classifies tire anomalies on commercial vehicles. These include tires that are dangerous, such as flat tires, or underinflated tires that may pose a safety risk or affect fuel efficiency. TACS has been integrated with a large number of commercial vehicle enforcement systems over the past few years and has also been trialed in driver information systems. This presentation will look at TACS’ performance in these applications, data on rates of tire anomalies identified, and newly developed TACS features.

IRD recently developed new software for TACS that provides an easy-to-use, standalone interface to users of TACS with non-IRD automated weigh-station systems, who will now have access to more screening and reporting information from their systems. Using the new system, tire information from TACS may be tied to specific vehicles in real-time or used retrospectively. The TACS operator interface provides a live vehicle display and 30-day historical vehicle search as well as 60-day reports on tire anomalies.

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Titan Environmental Containment

Geosynthetics innovations are transforming the lifetime of essential infrastructure while also improving operational efficiency. Join Titan Environmental’ s product specialist, Sam Bhat, M.Eng. and Concrete Canvas® expert Ron Drewry as they discuss the impact of cutting-edge engineered geosynthetic materials for the transportation sector. Our cutting-edge Spartan Road GridTM will help pavements last longer and perform better while minimizing maintenance expenses. Concrete Canvas®, also known as concrete on a roll, can be utilised to restore outdated infrastructure, considerably extending the operational life, and minimising the costs of asset replacement and future maintenance.

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