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ATS Traffic, McElhanney et WSP

Les démonstrations de l’entreprise de l’ATC offrent à nos membres l’occasion de participer à des rencontres avec des entreprises de pointe et de découvrir leurs innovations. Découvrez ci-dessous les sujets des présentations et leurs présentateurs.

Ce démonstration à été offert en anglais.

31 janvier 2023

Travel Delay Monitoring on Large Highway and Pipeline Projects

The presentation will explore ATS Traffic’s experience with travel delay monitoring on large highway work zones and pipeline projects. This will include a brief slide presentation on an existing project, a summary of its scope, operations, process, and conclusions, followed by a live demo of our dashboard-solution.

About the presenter:

Saad Ahmed is a member of ATS Traffic’s IntelliTrafik Divisions and a Project Manager on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. He has been working as part of ATS Traffic’s extensive involvement with the project for over two years.

Highway 91/17 Upgrade

The Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project is a combination of improvements to existing Highway 91, Highway 17, Highway 91 Connector and Deltaport Way to improve travel safety and efficiency. Improved efficiency decreases travel time Delta for both the travelling public and for goods movers, thereby supporting community and economic development.

In this presentation, we’ll share McElhanney’s proposed design that prioritized safety and comfort for all road users, while achieving the project’s objectives of developing a sustainable design that preserved important bog and wetland functions, protected habitat and promoted stormwater treatment, improving travel time, safety, and economic growth.

Furthermore, we’ll review how McElhanney rose to the province’s challenge for innovation through the Design-Build process by developing a pragmatic “one-way-couplet roadway-system” configuration, while retaining the existing bridge and two-lane loop ramp for the Highway 91/91C Interchange, providing for environmentally sustainable design.

About the presenters:

Dave Dulay, P.L.Eng, Branch Manager – Alternative Project Delivery
Dave Dulay is a senior project manager for design-build and transportation projects with expertise in developing, leading and integrating design with construction for Design-Build Infrastructure Projects. He has 31 years of experience (25 years in Design-Build/P3) in engineering for freeways, major highways, complex interchanges/detours and infrastructure projects.

Tijana Smiljanic, P.Eng, Division Manager – Alternative Project Delivery
Tijana Smiljanic has over 14 years of experience as a design engineer working on and leading design teams for a variety of projects ranging from municipal to Design-Build. She has been involved in a wide range of infrastructure projects for municipalities and has extensive experience in utility, drainage, and road design.

Putting Pedestrians and Cyclists First: The Case for Protected Intersections

Signalized intersections have traditionally been built to manage the movement of car traffic, with some concessions provided to pedestrians and cyclists. Over time these intersections have become bigger and bigger and have consequently become less inviting for people walking. Rather than enablers of active transportation, large intersections have become barriers to walking and cycling.

But the tides are shifting: many communities in Canada are finding success in improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists with “protected intersections”. Matt’s presentation will overview the key features of this design and share some of the research that has informed their effectiveness.

About the presenter:

Matt Pinder is a transportation engineer with WSP and an emerging expert in the planning and design of streets that balance the needs of all road users. In 2022, Matt was recognized as the TAC Young Transportation Professional of the Year.