Manual on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit

Mercredi, 27 Septembre, 2017 - 15:45

This manual from the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provides a compendium of best practices to help transportation professionals improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access to transit, including information on evaluating, planning for, and implementing improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to transit. In addition to covering key concepts such as access sheds, connected networks, and station area comfort, safety, and legibility, the manual covers needs specific to pedestrians, such as complete sidewalks and safe, convenient crossings, and to bicyclists, such as bicycle parking and on-transit accommodations. Topics covered include integrating bike share with transit and making bike share and transit more accessible to people who are unable to ride standard bicycles. The manual also features a detailed section on implementation that covers funding, marketing, interagency coordination, and data collection.  The full report is available online at


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