Title:  Guide to Load Management for Weak Pavement Structures (2017)
Publication code:  PTM-LMWPS-E

The Guide to Load Management for Weak Pavement Structures provides a synthesis of Canadian and international practices for managing weak pavement structures in northern climates. It includes a set of recommended best practices for managing these pavements through periods of freezing and thawing as well as for year-round pavement management. An economic basis for making load management decisions for weak pavement structures is presented. The Guide also contains a decision support framework, which can be adapted by any Canadian road authority and assists in making economically-rational and defensible decisions with respect to restricting loads on weak pavement structures.

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Pages:  102
Année:  2017
Catégorie:  Gestion des actifs Entretien et construction Chaussées Économie et administration
Type de média:  Livre électronique Imprimé
Type de publication:  Synthèse des meilleures pratiques
Publication date:  Jeudi, 16 Février, 2017
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