Titre:  Canadian Roundabout Design Guide (2017)
Code de publication:  PTM-CRDG-E

The Canadian Roundabout Design Guide (CRDG) provides information and guidance related to the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and safety of roundabouts in Canada. The CRDG serves as a companion to the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (GDG), providing direction specific to the application and design of roundabouts. The reader is referred to the overarching document for general guidance on roadway geometric design.

The CRDG has been written and compiled based on reviews of national and international best practice documents and research, while considering the experience of Canadian jurisdictions with roundabouts already in service. It is organized into 10 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Considerations in Roundabout Application
  • Chapter 3 – Planning
  • Chapter 4 – Operational Analysis
  • Chapter 5 – Safety
  • Chapter 6—Geometric Design
  • Chapter 7 – Traffic Control Devices
  • Chapter 8 – Illumination
  • Chapter 9 – Landscaping
  • Chapter 10 – Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance

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Pages:  210
Année:  2017
Catégorie:  Économie et administration Conception géométrique Sécurité routière Techniques et gestion circulation
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Date du publication:  Mercredi, 25 Janvier, 2017
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