Webinar Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in proposing a webinar to be hosted by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).

Completed Webinar Proposal forms are received by the TAC Secretariat and forwarded for review to the most appropriate TAC committee. You will be contacted within a few weeks about the status of your proposal.

The presenter of any approved / accepted webinar proposals will receive an honorarium of $500 for each webinar delivered. 

Information must be provided in each field below, however the information is considered draft at the time of submission.
Describe the main focus of the webinar (what problem will be solved), what will be discussed, and the intended outcome from the perspective of why would a participant attend. Include anything timely and unique about the webinar.
Who will the main audience be, how technical is the content (fundamental, intermediate, expert)?
e.g. By the end of the webinar the participant will be able to…
e.g. 1) Introduction - 3 minutes
Proposer Information
Please tell us a bit about you, the person proposing the webinar for consideration.
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Please provide information about any other suggested webinar presenter(s).
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