Using TAC’s Catalogue and Bookstore

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) produces and delivers road- and urban transport-related technical documents and guidelines which are referenced in jurisdictions across Canada. Many of these documents are available for free download; some are for sale.

TAC’s Catalogue

ALL of TAC’s publications, both free and for sale, are listed on the ‘Publications and Resources’ landing page and the ‘Catalogue’ of TAC’s website, at On this page you can search the Catalogue, or scroll the list of titles below the search box, from new to old. You can create a PDF of your Catalogue search results by clicking ‘PDF these results’ on the right side, below the search box but above the list of titles.

Each title in the Catalogue has a listing describing its purpose and contents, year of publication, pricing, and more. Newer titles also link to the title’s table of contents.

  • Listings of free titles provide a direct link so that you can read the documents online, or download them to your device.
  • Listing of titles for sale provide a link to TAC’s Bookstore login page. You can also visit the Bookstore by returning to the main Catalogue page and clicking ‘To place an order, please visit the Bookstore’. Just take note of the publication codes (e.g. PTM-BPPRC-E) of the titles you’re interested in, to make finding the title in the Bookstore easier.

TAC’s Bookstore

The Bookstore login page identifies whether a Bookstore customer is affiliated with a TAC member organization, and therefore entitled to prices up to 30% less than a non-member.

  • If you’re affiliated with a TAC member organization, enter your credentials on the left side of the page. When your credentials match TAC’s member list, the member portal of TAC’s Bookstore opens.
  • If you think you’re affiliated with a TAC member organization, but the Bookstore doesn’t recognize you as a member, you can request an account online, email or call 613-736-1350 x273.
  • If you’re not affiliated with a TAC member organization, just click the orange button ‘Shop as a Guest’ on the right side of the Bookstore login page.

Once you’re in the Bookstore, find what you’re looking for by typing the publication codes or one or two keywords from the titles into the search bar at the top right.

Most titles in the Bookstore are available in either print or in e-book format.

Once you’ve found the titles in the format you want, select the quantity to order and add them to your cart. When you’re done shopping, fill out the shipping and billing contact information and provide your payment by Visa or MasterCard.

If you have questions about using the Catalogue or Bookstore, answers to many typical questions can be found on the FAQ page; or contact us at 613-736-1350 x221 or


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