What’s new with TAC’s Technology Council

Monday, December 5, 2022

This is one in a series of six articles on TAC’s Fall Technical Meetings that were held in Edmonton on October 1 and 2, 2022. Each article will profile one council and its committees.

TAC’s Technology Council welcomed 21 attendees to its first-ever face-to-face meeting.

Technical projects

Council Chair Jeannette Montufar presented a proposed volunteer project on Developing a Framework for the Harmonization of Road Authority Data, and Council members approved the project description. The project will begin this fall and will produce a discussion paper that identifies the benefits and challenges related to harmonizing data structures and formats as a foundation for further work by TAC and individual road authorities.

Invited speakers

The Council heard short presentations by Ken Moshi (Transport Canada), Arif Rafiq (ESRI Canada) and Geoff Knapp (WSP Canada) on three CSA Group express documents related to connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). The publications will offer preliminary high-level guidance on physical and digital infrastructure, and on cybersecurity, data management and privacy.

It also heard from Brigid Canil and Kenedee Ludwar (British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) on “ITS Initiatives in British Columbia.” They discussed how British Columbia has improved roadway safety and efficiency through its transportation management centre, advanced traveller information systems, dynamic sign and lane control systems, weather- and congestion-based information systems, and other programs.

Committee updates

The Technology Council is supported by three committees that met the previous day.

The Connected & Automated Vehicles Integrated Committee (CAVIC) had 18 participants at its meeting, which included a brainstorming session to update the committee’s priority topics and actions. Subjects of interest included the role of auto manufacturers in the automated vehicle space, the future of micro-utility automated vehicles, and benefit-cost evaluations for investments related to CAVs.

The Digital Applications Committee (DAC) met with 15 attendees including a number of guests, and discussed its objectives and initiatives. Members will continue to explore the topics of digital twinning, data, and analytics, and will develop future lunch-and-learn events.

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee (ITSC) welcomed 14 people who discussed ITS solutions and explored barriers to implementation. The committee will host a working group meeting on rural ITS strategies before the end of this year and expressed interest in working with the Active Transportation Integrated Committee towards a webinar on ITS and active transportation.

Mobility Council Executive volunteers

  • Chair – Jeannette Montufar (MORR Transportation Consulting)
  • Vice-Chair – Ken Moshi (Transport Canada)
  • Chair, Connected & Automated Vehicles Integrated Committee – Michael Collins (GHD)
  • Chair, Digital Applications Committee – Benoit Kroely (Sixense Group)
  • Chair, Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee – Edward Stubbing (AECOM Canada)
  • Past Chair & Board Liaison – Scott Stewart (Arcadis IBI Group)

Contact Romaine Morrison for more information on the Technology Council and its committees.



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