TAC’s Commitment to the Environment and Climate Change

Friday, April 14, 2023

Environment & Climate Change Council

This Council guides TAC in fulfilling its commitment to protect the environment and climate in the delivery of transportation infrastructure and services. It provides a national forum for information exchange and problem solving related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental impact avoidance and mitigation, environmental legislation and regulation, and environmental management systems. The Council also guides the work of the Climate Change Integrated Committee, Environmental Issues Committee, and Environmental Legislation Committee.

Greening the TAC Conference & Exhibition

TAC’s sustainability strategies at the 2023 TAC Conference & Exhibition include minimizing negative impacts on the environment by conserving and reusing resources, reducing and recycling waste, and reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

Celebrating Industry Achievements

Each year, TAC recognizes exceptional contributions made by member organizations through nine Technical Achievement Awards. Two of these focus on the environment:

  • The Climate Action Achievement Award recognizes initiatives that mitigate emissions from transportation and/or improve the resiliency of transportation systems in response to climate change.
  • The Environmental Achievement Award recognizes initiatives that protect and enhance the natural environment through transportation projects.

Visit TAC’s Technical Achievement Awards webpage to read more about these awards, and for links to detailed information submitted by recent winners.

Technical Guidance and Learning Resources

Transportation systems impact the environment and are also vulnerable to the effects of climate change. TAC offers a variety of resources for transportation practitioners who want to learn – and do – more about these challenges.

TAC’s free webinar recordings include many on environmental topics:

Visit TAC’s Publications Catalogue to download or purchase the following reports:

By supporting innovation and collaboration by its member organizations, TAC is pleased to play a vital role in efforts by Canada’s transportation sector to create a more sustainable future.

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