TAC Launches New Strategic Plan

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) has launched a new Strategic Plan to help guide the Association’s priorities and initiatives. The plan is dynamic and rolling, and subject to annual review and update.

The new plan contains:

  • Who We Are
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Focus Areas that describe core interests of TAC’s councils and committees.
  • Strategic Priorities that guide the contents of TAC’s operational plan, which further details both ongoing activities and a variety of new initiatives.

Both the full strategic plan, and a 1-page overview version are posted on TAC’s website.

The strategic plan was built on the foundation of feedback received from TAC’s members and stakeholders through surveys, interviews, focus group sessions and a town hall meeting held as part of the 2016 conference and exhibition in Toronto.

Stakeholder Engagement Process

A cornerstone of TAC’s strategic planning project was an extensive stakeholder engagement process that included Board workshops, a national online survey, interviews, a partners’ focus group session and TAC’s first ever town hall meeting.

Highlights of the results received through the consultations show that TAC enjoys a high satisfaction rating, with 84% of respondents indicating that they are either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with TAC overall.

TAC’s top strengths identified by respondents are reinforced throughout the plan. These were:

  • Publications created with input from cross-Canada stakeholders;
  • Forum for information sharing and networking;
  • Work done by volunteer structure;
  • Reputation and brand; and
  • Cross-sectoral membership.

Weaknesses identified by respondents were carefully considered, and approaches to address them were integrated into both the strategic and operational plans. These included:

  • The time it takes to update TAC’s technical publications,
  • A lack of younger professionals joining or being attracted to TAC;
  • Fees for conferences and publications that are additional to member dues; and
  • A lack of openness, transparency and outreach from TAC committees.

Members will have a chance to ask questions and engage in an open discussion with TAC’s leaders about the strategic plan at the second annual Town Hall Meeting in St. John's on Tuesday, September 26, as part of the 2017 TAC Conference & Exhibition