TAC Cross-Canada GDG Seminars Start March 26

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Two new series of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) cross-Canada seminars on the Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads (GDG) will start on March 26.

Choose between two seminars – Foundation or Advanced – depending on your level of knowledge and experience with the GDG. Seminars provide the opportunity to learn from leading experts and authors of the Guide through practical examples and design experiences. Early-bird rates are available to both TAC members and non-members. Consult the TAC website for deadlines, seminar outlines, dates and locations for a city near you.

Geometric Design for Canadian Roads: Foundation Level provides new designers with an overview of the principles of geometric design included in the 2017 edition. The two-day seminar covers both urban and rural design environments with an emphasis on considering risk management, road user needs, and road user limitations in the design process.

Geometric Design for Canadian Roads: Advanced Level provides experienced designers with a review of new elements of the geometric design process resulting from the 2017 edition. The two-day seminar covers both urban and rural design environments with an emphasis on flexible design, cost-effectiveness analysis, human factors considerations in roadway design, and quantitative road safety analysis in support of design decisions. Knowledge of basic principles of design will be assumed for this seminar.

The Q&A period at the end of each seminar will provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and share practical examples of challenges faced by designers of all levels. Two of the co-authors of the GDG, Dr. John Robinson, Flood Murray International, Inc., and Geoff Millen, WSP, will present the seminars.

Save 15% on GDG Purchase in the TAC Bookstore

Those registering for a seminar will receive a 15% discount when they purchase one copy of the GDG in print (PKG-GEODES17-E) or e-book (PKG-GEODES17-EBK) formats. A promo code will be provided as part of the seminar confirmation email. Offer valid until 2018-06-30.

Seminar Presenters

John Robinson, Ph.D., P. Eng., Senior Partner, Flood Murray International, Inc.

Flood Murray International specializes in road safety science and the application of both engineering and human-centered design principles to the increasing presence of challenging and complex design situations on our land transport systems in North America. Dr. Robinson, Traffic and Transportation Systems Engineer with 45 years of experience in the field, brings an extensive body of proven expertise in road safety engineering to the company. John was co-author of the roadside design and intersection chapters of the 2017 Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.

Geoff Millen, P. Eng., Senior Road Safety Engineering Specialist and Road Safety Auditor, WSP

Geoff has more than 25 years of experience in road and highway design, roadside design, road safety engineering, and value engineering analysis with WSP. Geoff served as Technical Director for the GDG and was co-author of the new roadside design and intersection chapters.