TAC Board Spring Meeting Highlights

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Board of Directors met on April 27 under the leadership of Association President and Board Chair, Paul McConnell.

As a first order of business, the Board welcomed three new directors. Bob Creed, Doug Jones, and Rob Taylor joined the roster of 25 senior leaders in the transportation sector who provide strategic direction and oversee TAC’s work throughout the year.

Critical decision items on the agenda included a report on operations in 2021/22 and approval of the work plan and budget for 2022/23. As part of the budget, the Board considered TAC’s membership fees and agreed to implement only a small increase, rather than the usual practice of increasing fees by the rate of inflation. The objective is to keep fees as low as possible to facilitate members’ continued involvement and access to the Association’s events, products, and services. Most categories of membership will see a 3% increase on fees for 2023.  

The Board discussed the success of the CAV Task Force and acknowledged the good work done by its leaders and members since it was first created in 2018. It agreed that the time is right to transition the Task Force to a permanent forum within TAC’s network. The restructured Integrated Committee on Connected and Automated Vehicles will meet for the first time this fall.

The Board enjoyed a presentation and an engaging discussion about TAC’s new report, Developing Highly Qualified Personnel for an Era of Connected and Automated Vehicles. Board members agreed this is an important topic for TAC to continue to address in its own work and through outreach to other stakeholders. 

The 2022 recipients of TAC’s Distinguished Service and Young Transportation Professional Awards were also named – announcements of these and TAC’s other prestigious awards will be coming soon.

Updates were provided for Board members on several other initiatives, including exciting plans for the return to an in-person Conference & Exhibition this fall in Edmonton. Along with our local hosts and staff, TAC’s Board of Directors looks forward to welcoming delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors on site for Canada’s largest gathering of transportation professionals



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