TAC Board Approves Adjustments to Membership for 2021

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Despite changing business structures and environments, the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)’s membership model has been unchanged for many years. A review of TAC’s membership types, categories and fees was completed in late winter and several adjustments were recommended to address existing challenges. The proposal was approved by the Board of Directors at its April 2020 meeting; changes takes effect for TAC’s 2021 membership (calendar) year.

TAC’s corporate members include federal, provincial and territorial departments of transportation, municipalities, private sector companies, educational institutions, associations and other public sector organizations. Fees charged to members vary depending on the type and size of the organization. Member benefits including preferred pricing and services, involvement, and communications are extended to an unlimited number of interested employees of the named member organization, but not to divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated firms with a different operating name/brand/identity.

There were no changes made to Municipal or Education Institution member types. Adjustments to the other organization member types approved by the Board were:

  • Private sector members:
    • The smallest category of private sector members (category D), is now for businesses with 3 or fewer employees.
    • Fees were adjusted to reflect the widened scale between large and small businesses over the past 10 years. Fees for the larger private sector members (categories A and B) increased from $3,010 to $3500 and $1205 to $1500 respectively; fees for smaller categories (C and D) decreased from $903 to $800 and $549 to $325.
  • Association members:
    • The largest category (annual revenues of $5 million or more) was discontinued as there are no members in this category.
    • The new largest category is now described as having annual revenues of $1.5 million or more, and the fee was increased by 4.2%.
  • Other public sector organization/department members:
    • A new category, “Municipal/regional transport, or non-transport, departments/organizations” was added.

Approved changes to TAC’s individual types of membership were:

  • Student membership will now free for full-time students in Canada. Student members must register using their institution email address and provide some basic information about their program of study.
  • A new individual category of membership intended for either new graduates or those temporarily unemployed, In Job Transition, was added. This category will help keep interested individuals involved until they become employed by an organization that could be a TAC member.
  • The Retiree category of individual membership remains unchanged.

Visit the Join TAC page of the website for more information on membership benefits, fees and application forms.

Questions? Contact us at services@tac-atc.ca.


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