TAC and the CIP Renew Strategic Partnership

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), a not-for-profit, national technical association that focusses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation, today announced the renewal of their strategic partnership with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), the leading and globally-respected voice of Canadian professional planning.

The three-year strategic partnership provides an opportunity for TAC and CIP to work together and develop meaningful synergies in technical areas, particularly with respect to climate change, healthy and vibrant communities, mobility and sustainability. The partnership will support the establishment of a framework for information exchange and collaboration to advance the transportation sector.

"There is a great deal of synergy between TAC and CIP. Leveraging our expertise will strengthen our ability to meet the needs of our stakeholders and members," said Sarah Wells, TAC's Executive Director.

TAC and CIP have enjoyed a productive relationship over the years based on shared values, innovation and community stewardship. In 2019, CIP celebrates its 100th anniversary, honouring and renewing connection. TAC is honored to continue this relationship with the renewed partnership that will help to celebrate CIP’s centennial this year.

Given the large geographic scope of Canada's transportation infrastructure and the rate of change taking place across the industry, partnerships help TAC deliver on its mandate. TAC provides opportunities to partners to share their skills and combine efforts to promote the exchange of ideas and solutions to improve mobility in Canada.

TAC supports innovation by collaborating with all levels of government, private industry, and academia to examine complex problems in transportation. We are constantly engaging partners to promote an open and innovative environment. Effective partnerships are possible by working with others and are critical to achieving success. In addition to the partnership with CIP, TAC also collaborates with other organizations and associations.

TAC worked with ITS Canada to promote the ITS World Congress and was part of the exhibition’s Canada pavilion. TAC staff worked with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to deliver a session on automated and connected vehicles in conjunction with the ITS World Congress. Work on the second edition of the Canadian Guide to Traffic Calming was completed in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers. This fall, TAC will be hosting a joint conference and exhibition with ITS Canada.