TAC’s Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products Publication is now available in French

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Pavement engineers often prefer to stabilize, rather than replace, problematic soils and materials during road construction. New soil and material stabilization products appear regularly, but it is important for road owners to evaluate their suitability before approving them for local use. The adoption of a clear and consistent process for evaluation and approval would benefit suppliers, contractors, designers, and road owners.

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) released the English version of Guide to Evaluating Soil and Material Stabilization Products earlier this year. The French version, Guide d’évaluation des produits de stabilisation des sols et des matériaux, is now also available. Detailed listings are posted in TAC’s online catalogue and they can be purchased for $119 by TAC members and $149 for non-members in the online bookstore. TAC publication primers on the topic are also available as free PDFs, in both English and French.

A recording of the webinar reviewing the scope and technical guidance of the new publication is available free. Watch the recording: https://www.tac-atc.ca/en/events-and-learning/webinars/guide-evaluating-soil-and-material-stabilization-products-new-tac-publication



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