Title:  Transportation Funding and Governance in Canada's Large Metropolitan Areas: An Inventory of Current Practice
Publication code:  PTM-FGCLM-E
Transportation Funding and Governance in Canada’s Large Metropolitan Areas will help readers understand how transportation infrastructure and operational decisions are planned and funded, and who the primary decision makers are. The study inventoried the main elements, successes and challenges of urban transportation funding and governance in Canada’s largest metropolitan regions, and will help other Canadian municipalities learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each system, and which components might be applicable to their situation. 
Canada’s metropolitan regions have developed transportation governance and funding frameworks in response to their unique historical, geographical and jurisdictional contexts. Local conditions such as transportation demand, geography, growth rates, legislation and regulations vary considerably. However, a common theme among metropolitan areas is an ongoing effort to adapt transportation governance and financial arrangements to address current and future transportation needs in a fair and sustainable manner. 
The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) has previously examined regional transportation financing in two separate studies: the briefing Sustainable Funding for Urban/Regional Transportation in Canada (2012) assessed needs and examined a range of funding sources being used; Innovations in Financing Urban Transportation (2002) examined transportation financing and governance frameworks. These briefings are available as free download in the Resource Centre (PDFs) section of TAC’s Bookstore.  
Disponible en français : Financement et gouvernance des transports dans les grandes régions métropolitaines du Canada : inventaire des pratiques courantes (2014)
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Publication year:  2014
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